Hi, I am Bhavikk, born and raised in the city of dreams - Mumbai. I worked with a highly reputed capital market firm as an Equity Analyst for more than a decade, & now as an Independent Equity Analyst. A simple person, a keen reader & a person open to new ideas that promote growth & development. I am a keen observer of events and trends, I try to write in a lucid yet legible style on stocks, finances, and major economical events. My endeavor is to make every investing Bhartiya's (Indian's) an Investor and not the Speculator. My simple attempt is to make them aware and reap the benefits from the future potential of Bharat's Growth Story. Being an autodidact myself, I firmly believe in the term "Knowing is not enough - You should apply it". I used to write a blog whereby I try to provide in-depth analysis on the stocks and sectors under coverage. The blog offers live-stock or shares market commentary and free newsletters along with the updated Global Economic Data. If you are investing in BHARAT (India), then this blog is just One Stop Shop for you. So, grab a fresh hot cup of coffee, turn on your net & just log on to Bhavikk Shah's Blog & take out few minutes to get to know the most interesting world of investing... Enjoy Happy Investing !!!


    Learn everyday - from anyone and everyone.
    Knowing is not enough, You must apply it.
    Enjoy your day as it comes. 
    Be the change you want to see in the world. 
    Just be You! 


    Sagar Khandelwal
    Bhavik has a wonderful connect and understanding about the pulse of the stock market that has always resulted in huge profits to all his customers. Great Job Bhavikk !!! I have earned a good amount with his valuable inputs..🙏😊
    Rajnikant Kaushik
    (Integrity Advisor at ExxonMobil)
    Bhavik has been my wealth and stocks advisor now since last more than 6 years and he has phenomenal insights and technical knowledge of stocks. He has managed my portfolio and given me multifold increase in my invested value. His strengths are his extensive research skills, technical and fundamental analysis and his passion for his work. I wish him all success.
    Apeksha Fozdar
    (Content Strategist with a Strong Passion of Revolutionizing the Business Realm. Content Writer | Digital Marketer | Ex-Crisil, Ex-TCS)
    Bhavikk is a proficient equity analyst who specializes in developing the high-level expertise necessary to produce accurate projections and recommendations. I have been helped a lot by him in managing my portfolio and I have gained consistent revenues. He has micro-analytical skills, such as understanding financial accounts, a company's business model, or the strengths and weaknesses of management, and a solid understanding of macroeconomic trends or key political issues regionally or globally that could affect ones' stocks or markets.
    I completely trust his recommendations and wish him all the best in his future endeavors ..​.
    Vaibhav Mehta
    (Senior Analyst at NatWest Group)
    I would highly recommend Bhavik for your investment needs in equity and look forward for his equity recommendation and work togetherness. Bhavik is amazing at his job especially his expertise on fundamental analysis and picks on stocks. He knows his way around people, he is good with the clients, does whatever it takes to help colleagues earn profits from the market. His strategies are amazing and worth putting your money for He makes sure that everyone has proper understanding of the details he shares and are focused on the main goal. He makes sure the investment advise he give is thorough with detailed information on ratios and financial performance of any company.
    Abhishek Adhia
    (Senior Software Engineer at Ness Technologies)
    I would strongly recommend Bhavik for managing portfolio and equities. He has indepth understanding for the stock market. I fondly call him Warren Buffett of India. He carefully understands the business model of the company. I would definitely recommend Bhavvik for investment portfolio and services. Thank you for providing your valuable imputs and guidance.
    Arnab Chakraborty
    (Senior Business Analyst at Quantiphi | Data Science)
    Bhavik has been managing my Equity portfolio over the last 4 years. I take immense pride in recommending him as he not only advises me on all my Stock Market & Finance related queries and decisions but also puts his best foot forward in explaining the underlying rationale. He interprets the market trends incredibly well, identifying great opportunities by carrying out extensive research along with performing in-depth analysis.
    Dr.Madhavsai Gajjar
    (Post Doctorate at Danish Cancer Society. Kræftens Bekæmpelse) (Danish Cancer Society)
    Bhavik is an excellent student, gives his 100 % efforts with accuracy to task he his given and complete's it with successful ending. Very excellent team leader with very good helping nature. He always goes an extra mile to help out others. He is an expert & has a very indepth knowledge in the field of finance & Stock market analysis and that too at a very young age, with lots of success accredited along with it.

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